RN combines a passion for art with an innovative fintech ecosystem. 

RN combines a passion for art with an innovative fintech ecosystem. 

Join art investments with institutions and high net.

RN opens the art market to new crowds. Even average individual investors can gain access to the art market even for a small budget. RN uses its advanced technology to distribute art ownership among many investors, even for a limited budget. Those investors can gain access, to information, financial benefits, and prestige from being a patron of an expensive work of art.

Combine business with social values and impact.

By selling part of a High-End artwork, art institutions gain liquidity, while keeping the works of art in their natural place, on its walls exposed and accessible to the public. 

After 3 years period, the art is realized according to market prices sold to the art institution or 3rd party. 


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Art as an asset class

Art attracts investors as it is regarded as a value-preserving asset class, with a low correlation with the global capital market.

The intrinsic value of art as luxury items can be able to rebound and even grow faster than traditional asset classes in response to financial turmoil. Art evaluation has a low correlation with capital markets. During periods of financial and political instability, art has historically been viewed as a haven because it is a reliable long-term store of value as well as an inflationary and currency hedge.

This pattern is evident following the 2008 financial crisis: while the Artnet Index for the Top 100 Artists was able to recoup its peak value by 2011 to the S&P 500, it took five years to recover. Similar trends are showcased in the latest stock market selloff in 2015 and 2016. As the S&P 500 flat-lined, the breakdown of total sales value by price bracket suggests that High-End paintings worth US$1 million and above were able to lead the market comeback following the 2015 and 2016 slump.

Finally, positive returns in the art market between 2000 and 2018 showed that the Top 100 Artists produced an 8 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) compared with 3 percent for the S&P 500.

Our Vision

RN usher in the next generation of art investing, and cultural and social impact investment models. 

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RN slices large assets into smaller units. These are issued as regulatory-compliant digital securities. could be traded peer-to-peer. It’s a win-win: owners unlock value from their illiquid holdings, while investors gain access to high-caliber assets.

RN brings the art world closer to the masses, which look at it as being fairly elitist and somewhat intimidating.

RN provides information such as valuations, additional data for buyers from sellers, traceability of artworks, and security of transactions. to assist investors with their decision-making. 

RN is the best solution to tackle a widespread lack of finance in the art world by turning existing art collections and artworks into yield-generating assets.

Our team ensures public and private art institutions that are facing a lack of liquidity reduce and eliminate deficits by fundraising. By that, they will be able to fulfill their social missions and promote their future strategies and targets.

We manage the collective ownership of artwork(s) and art collections by creating complex smart contracts that grant access fairly and transparently.

Our Team

Symbol of professionalism, integrity, creativity, and flexibility in routine and in the most challenging moments. 

Strives constantly to establish an environment based on trust, discretion, and transparency, which is combined with the highest qualities and standards. 

RN team has a proven track record in:   


Wide experience in dealing and negotiating with clients from varied sectors – private collectors and investors, institutions, and corporations from the US, Europe, the Middle, and the Far East.

Handling complicated buy and sell transactions of High-End artworks by leading modern and contemporary artists in art history.

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Mr. Andrew Pelled is the managing partner and the founder of the consulting firm RNGROUP, which specialized in various economic areas, including mergers and acquisitions, strategic consulting, financial modeling, valuation & due diligence.

Since 2010, Mr. Pelled has been consulting and dealing with complex international art transactions for investment and pleasure. 

Fintech (Financial&Technology) 

We use state of the “art” technology to create a new market of art-backed securities. Each art piece is sliced and issued using a blockchain system to many digital securities. The mechanism works according to US private issuance rules (Reg A, D), using a private placement memorandum. Raised funds stay in escrow until the acquisition, and the digital securities are just a representation of art pieces, safe in a museum insured, and under professional treatment.

Art world 2020: COVID-19 and Post-COVID world 

Art world 2020: COVID-19 and Post-COVID world  

The severity of the Covid-19 pandemic from mid-March 2020 and the infection control responses that followed have caused great uncertainties and potential long-term knock-on effects within the art industry, especially for smaller and medium-sized art institutions and businesses.

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Many art institutions facing a financial nightmare and just run out of cash and go to the wall, due to the loss of visitor income during Covid-19’s lockdown, congestion restriction, and lack of institutional support, and appear to be in the most immediate need of financial assistance.

One of the phenomena that have begun to emerge is Deaccessioning – the sale of works from museum collections to continue their existence.

The moral problem concerns the fact that usually, in cases of selling works with impressive provenance of a museum collection, only High-Net private collectors can afford to purchase them, and thus, works that were in collections that could be visited and viewed disappear from the public eye.

This is a very complex situation. On the one hand, the Museum trust in the preservation of cultural heritage through its collections but on the other hand, 90% of the collections are stuck in warehouses anyway, far from the eyes of visitors, and their sale may save the museum from closing in the severe case or improve the visiting experience in the mild case. 

For collectors, this is less of a dilemma because they will surely choose to donate to museums without a history of sales, and thus, in effect, museums can shoot themselves in the foot by hurting future don. 

At the bottom line, art institutions need to take the opportunity to review their business models and “re-imagine” new solutions.


How does RN work for art institutions?

The “Mona Lisa” deal of the 21st century in the field of high art is “tailor-made” and unique to the needs of art institutions.

  • The ultimate solution for institutions that are in financial difficulty and need to improve their financial liquidity, partly as a result of the global coronavirus.
  • An acquaintance deal and partial ownership of a high work of art by leading and particularly negotiable modern or contemporary artists such as Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso Francis Bacon, and more. 
  • Selling 20-30% ownership of a high work of art to a group of investors for 3-5 years.
  • Investors’ money will be transferred to a trust account until the transaction is completed, i.e., signing the agreement.
  • The work of art will remain centrally owned by the art institution and as a result, will remain in its natural location (as part of the institution’s art collection) and will continue to be displayed in front of visitors in permanent or temporary exhibitions of the institution.
  • At the end of the transaction period, the Arts Institution will have the first right to purchase back the total ownership rate plus predefined interest and complete full ownership of the work. If the art institution is not financially able to buy back the parts of ownership of the work, it will be put up for sale to a group of investors/potential individuals on the free market.


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